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Key points of securing a SAM buy-in

Software asset management tools can be invaluable for giving organisations more insight into, and control over their software licensing spend. While small organisations may find it easy to keep track of their spend, as a company grows and starts to purchase more software from a wider range of vendors, it becomes harder to keep track […]


Will Oracle lose out without change?

The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) has recently stated that Oracle is risking its future earnings by continuing with its aggressive stance on licensing. CCL believes that the licence revenue collected by Oracle is under threat. This is because some organisations may be put off using the firm’s software if they feel they are at […]


Why outsourcing SAM might be the best decision

If you want a SAM solution that can offer both practical and financial benefits to your business, then outsourcing could be the answer. There are many challenges to Software Asset Management and software licensing in-house, not least the seemingly never-ending stream of software, Microsoft audits and the sheer complexity of licensing management in a larger […]