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Migrating to the cloud – Control

Once a decision has been made to migrate systems to the Cloud, it’s important that you stay in control. This applies not just to the migration but to the overall project. One of the major fears involved with moving to Cloud-based systems is a loss of visibility and control over the data. Whilst the Cloud […]


5 lessons from SAP customers in UK and Ireland

SAP is a mature enterprise management solution, and the industry is rich with case studies to inform the user community. Five lessons that have been learned from SAP customers in the UK and Ireland are summarised below. * SAP Should Build Better Industry-Specific Knowledge  The SAP user community in the UK and Ireland has been critical […]


Access to all inventory? It’s harder than you think

If you Google “software inventory tools”, over 47 million results are returned. For those wanting to access their entire inventory of IT assets, within the 47 million results are a mix of free and paid-for tools that claim to the be answer to your inventory problems. What a dream it would be if you could […]