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Gartner report shows SAM really does impact the bottom line

Gartner report highlights the importance of SAM The recent Gartner report on how cutting software costs safely will have a positive impact on a firm’s bottom line is an interesting read and while we agree with many of their recommendations, it does raise a number of very important questions. In particular; the continuing over-reliance on tools to deliver […]


Don’t lose your head over mergers and acquisitions – plan ahead for SAM

Mergers and acquisitions | Planning for SAM A merger and acquisition or divestiture is always high profile activity and is most definitely on the rise again. Three recent examples include the Marriott hotel chain’s take over of rivals Starwood, the TransCanada acquisition of the Columbia Group and the hotly debated potential coming together of the […]


Managing software asset management – there is no magic formula

SAM Tools are not the complete answer There is a misconception in the industry that software asset management tools will magically solve all of your software asset management challenges – just like that. But actually nothing could be further from the truth. Betting your house on a tool alone is a like asking an alchemist to turn […]