Achieve your business transformation & governance goals with help from Livingstone

As a CIO or senior technology decision maker in your organization, three of your top priorities are to:

  1. Assure the delivery of business transformation
  2. Establish sound financial governance of technology spend
  3. Manage security and other risks surrounding the organization’s use of technology

Livingstone’s portfolio of services has been developed to align with these priorities, helping you drive both transformation and realize an increased value from technology investments across the organization.

Here’s how we help you meet your goals…

 Assuring transformation

Whether it’s moving technology resources to the cloud, establishing new products and routes to market or supporting new ways to improve employee productivity, every successful business is undergoing transformation.
Prioritizing speed over cost may yield short-term benefits but can ultimately lead to chaos and spend.

Livingstone helps organizations realize their business transformation goals by supporting quick and effective decision-making based on a solid understanding of the current situation, the desired outcome and the cost implications of important technology decisions.

Key services provided by Livingstone that support business transformation include:

SAM Managed Services – taking control of software licensing and guiding you through the transformation journey.

Cloud Readiness – ensuring you know your baseline and helping you understand the implications of future cloud technology decisions.

  Establishing sound financial governance

As more technology decision makers across the organization are empowered to invest in the resources and services they see fit, so the CIO and IT are losing oversight and control of the technology environment.

Yet CIOs are still accountable for much of the IT spend, even that beyond their control.

Livingstone helps CIOs and IT stakeholders establish a new level of financial governance, understanding spend across the full organization, allocating costs to lines of business and initiatives and guarding against the increasing risk of over-spend.

Key services in our portfolio that help you govern technology spend include:

SAM Managed Services – building a true picture of technology spend and opportunities to optimize across the estate.

Renewals Management – plan, negotiate and optimize expensive software licenses and cloud subscriptions, regardless of budget owner.

Hybrid Cloud – avoid sprawl and over-spend by optimizing the cloud journey from on-premise, to the cloud and in the cloud.

  Managing IT risk & security

IT risks come in many forms, not just security breaches. Poor data management, governance and visibility can lead to inefficiencies, disruption and a failure of technology investments to support the over-arching business goals.

At its roots, Livingstone is a risk management business. We help customers manage the many different forms of risk associated with their technology estate.

Some of the ways we help you manage risk include:

Audit Defense – effective risk management and protection against the cost and disruption associated with software license audits.

SAM Managed Services – identifying rogue and blacklisted software, unapproved contracts and suppliers

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