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Forget products, it’s time to understand your organisation’s portfolio of application services

The old model of procuring IT is no longer relevant Traditionally, when organisations went about compiling their IT portfolios, the building blocks were made up of two things: the perceived IT infrastructure and the technological capabilities of both software and hardware. During this time, innovation was driving raw business differentiation, which fuelled greater demand from […]


Nine Steps to Take Back Control of Your Applications after Lockdown

The 2020 coronavirus outbreak has meant a significant change to the way the majority of businesses operate. As well as facilitating a steep rise in remote working with collaboration tools like Teams, WebEx, Skype, Zoom and Slack, organizations have also had to rapidly adopt cloud-based and virtualized software applications to keep business running as smoothly […]


Understanding and eradicating your technical debt

As we continue to while away the hours in lockdown, we have been provided with the opportunity to reflect on some of the indirect issues revealed by COVID-19, including where the need to implement rapid business transformation has been hindered by the unforeseen consequences of historical IT technical management. One area that is very much […]


Will 2020 be the year we reach ‘peak audit’?

Software vendors usually send out their audit letters on a fairly predictable basis. The most common triggers are a contract term or ULA coming to an end, or indeed the end of the publisher’s financial year, something we covered in more detail in a previous blog about Oracle’s audit strategy. However, from time-to-time, macro-economic factors […]