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Three areas to watch out for in a SPLA audit

At Livingstone, we are increasingly approached by service providers – systems integrators, hosting providers or any other organizations providing managed services to their end-user customers – to help them navigate Microsoft Services Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) audits. On the surface, SPLA audits follow a similar process to standard vendor audits. Microsoft will issue an audit […]


Do you know your audit risk?

When it comes to software audits, organisations typically keep a keen eye on the vendors that they spend the most money with. Afterall, if they’re audited by a tier one provider, the financial ramifications could be significant. Focusing on the bigger providers also makes a great deal of practical sense – SAM teams within organisations […]


Beware the guard dog

Why having a proactive Software Asset Management program could be your most effective form of audit defense While the debate about the actual volume of software audits performed by vendors continues (for what it’s worth, my ten-second take:  some are down, some are up, some are designed to push you to the cloud, some are […]


Are software audits really down? Don’t be so sure

Niall Eddery, Senior Consultant, Livingstone I’ve been reading some claims recently that audits are decreasing, and while I understand where these are coming from, I think what we are seeing in the market contradicts this somewhat. Basing an estimate of audit volumes based on Gartner audit inquiries potentially misses a big segment of the market […]


Plan Your Microsoft True-Up Early to Optimise Spend

Plan Your Microsoft True-Up Early to Optimise Spend Your next Microsoft True-Up deadline is closer than you think. In this blog, we explore what a Microsoft True-Up entails and the financial and administrative benefits of preparing well in advance of your Enterprise Agreement (EA) anniversary. The Microsoft True-Up If you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) then […]