Data Cleansing & Normalization

Address your #1 asset data challenge with Livingstone’s Data Cleansing service

According to a recent poll conducted by Livingstone and ITAM Review, normalizing raw IT asset inventory data from multiple sources is the #1 challenge facing ITAM and SAM managers when it comes to creating and managing their IT asset data strategy. With most large complex organizations using multiple inventory tools, that’s no surprise and can create a major headache as your staff waste time and energy trying to consolidate multiple data sets into a single asset repository.

But there is a better way…

  • Support SAM, ITAM & Security programs with clean normalized data
  • Reduce noise and focus on key software vendors & titles
  • Consolidate multiple inventory sources into a single reliable data feed

Download Data Cleanse Datasheet

What is the major challenge with your IT asset data?

Let Livingstone do the heavy lifting: inventory consolidation & normalization

Livingstone’s Data Cleanse service uses a SaaS model to collect data from multiple inventory sources, clean the disparate data types and provide a common normalized view that can be used in your Software Asset Management, IT Asset Management and Service Management programs.
Our zero-friction approach to inventory collection and normalization will help you make better decisions faster, to accelerate problem resolution times and to make tangible cost savings across the software estate.

Normalizing raw IT asset inventory data from multiple sources is the #1 challenge facing ITAM and SAM managers

Key Data Cleanse & Normalization criteria:


  • Publisher – no more separate listings for Microsoft, Microsoft Corp, Microsoft
  • Application title – standardized product names and editions
  • Licensable version – focus on the commercial version, not the dot release


How it works:

  • Data automatically collected from inventory sources
  • Incremental data uploaded to Livingstone cloud
  • Data processed, cleansed and normalized
  • Clean consolidated data presented to customer via Luce portal, output file or import into target SAM/ITAM/ITSM platform

Sample supported inventory sources:

  • Altiris
  • BMC Discovery
  • Ivanti (LANdesk & FrontRange)
  • Microsoft MAPS & SCCM
  • Snow Inventory

The independent advantage

One of the key benefits of working with Livingstone Anyware is that it provides a completely bias-free independent set of recommendations. We have no interest in you taking more licenses than you need or one type of license over another. All we care about is getting you the best deal for your software and infrastructure consumption!

Why Livingstone?

Organizations around the world trust Livingstone to reduce their software licensing costs and risks. We save organizations tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary costs every year. Livingstone Anyware for Microsoft extends our award-winning SAM services into the cloud, combining a single view of all Microsoft software and infrastructure consumption with expert advice on optimizing both licensing and IaaS costs.

How can we help?

To request more information about Livingsone’s Software Audit Defense service, or to find out more about the company in general, please contact one of our offices.

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