Trustworthy Data

Putting asset intelligence at the fingertips of decision makers

Our Trustworthy Data services provide decision makers with accurate information regarding their software & cloud assets. This intelligence allows IT and procurement stakeholders to make operational & technical decisions that reduce related costs and risk. Having complete and accurate consumption data is critical if an organisation is to remain optimised, compliant, secure and agile to business change.

The insight that Livingstone provides allows our clients to make better security, service management & lifecycle decisions, whilst maintaining a single data repository standard for their enterprise. Livingstone’s Trustworthy Data is delivered using a client’s existing ITAM/ITSM tooling investments, augmented with our enterprise ITAM repository & financial reporting platform LUCE.



Livingstone’s LUCE is a powerful ITAM services platform designed to meet the challenges of integrating and managing enterprise asset data. Built using our powerful Data Collection Framework (DCF), the platform is a central repository for all aspects of ITAM related data, from contracts and entitlement to software inventory and cloud usage. Built to deliver scale and data quality, the platform is core to the Livingstone Trustworthy Data services. It integrates data from and to most leading SAM, ITSM and vendor tools to deliver outstanding stakeholder dashboards and reporting commensurate with managing software and cloud risks, minimizing IT costs overall.

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Client Benefits

✓ Accurate software licensing
✓ Visibility of cloud consumption
✓ Effective cost management
✓ Better procurement via improved intelligence
✓ Continuous compliance
✓ Risks & costs mitigated


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