DIY vs SAM Managed Service

Avoid the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’ with Livingstone’s SAM expertise

There are many paths to Software Asset Management success, but some are faster, more cost-effective and easier than others.

If you’re starting your SAM journey, the temptation to ‘go it alone’ and rely on a SAM tool plus whatever internal resources you can lay your hands on is a strong one.  But before you take that route, it’s worth considering a simple yet sobering thought: SAM isn’t a standalone skill.

At Livingstone, we believe there are at least SEVEN identifiable core SAM skills:

  • SAM Best Practices
  • Licensing Know-How
  • Tools Administration
  • Data Processing
  • Contracts Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Report Generation

The challenge for most organizations is that it’s unrealistic to expect to have all of these skills on the SAM team, let alone in a single SAM manager.  And if you think a SAM tool is an effective answer to addressing gaps in licensing knowledge or how to manage vendor contracts, think again.

The Livingstone Difference

Only Livingstone has a global team that comprises experts in all the SAM skillsets identified above. From Oracle, IBM and Microsoft licensing experts to SAM best practices gurus and audit defense specialists, Livingstone can extend your SAM team and skillsets in a way that no tool can match.

Through 2020, 75% of SAM tool purchases will both overspend their budgets and fail to deliver on their business case.

Source: Gartner Summit 2017: When and How to Outsource Software Asset Management.

Why is SAM so difficult and why are tools not the answer?

SAM often sounds simple. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Building an effective SAM function based entirely on internal resources and technologies is extremely difficult. Here’s why you should consider outsourcing part or all of your SAM resources:

SAM ComponentIn-house ChallengeThe Livingstone Difference
SAM Best PracticesLack of availability of ‘SAM managers'.Livingstone has delivered hundreds of successful SAM programs for large & complex organizations around the world. Our dedicated SAM gurus know what 'good SAM' looks like and how to achieve it.
Licence SpecialistsVendor-specific skills yery expensive & in short supply.Our large team of specialists with in-depth licensing expertise cover the breadth of your software vendors. Our License Service Desk is an extension to your in-house team and is available to answer licensing & service related queries.
Entitlement Management Entitlements are difficult to find, upload & manage effectivelyOur multi-vendor entitlement specialists work with your SAM and IT Procurement teams to identify and collect raw entitlement data in all forms (licensing agreements, contracts, purchase orders, excel spreadsheets & data from vendor portals). 'Luce' is used to process & reconcile data faster than most 'SAM Tools'
Tools AdministrationCan you use existing technologies or need new?Many SAM programs don't need additional 'SAM tools' to succeed. Working with incumbent discovery technologies, Livingstone’s proprietary SAM engine ‘Luce’ is included in the service.
Non-instance ManagementAutomatically capturing non-instance data is near-impossible for SAM ToolsLivingstone’s Data Team identifies, collects and tracks key data points required for ELPs that are not typically collected by automated tools, e.g. Software installed in a test/development environment, standard or pro software versions; scripts and commands run on proprietary scanning technologies and software licensed by non-standard usage metrics.
Executive ReportingResource intensive, understanding of risks and opportunitiesMonthly Executive Reporting to clients highlight key areas of risk and opportunity; and recommendations on next steps. Reports and recommendations can also be accessed via Luce Portal at any time.

Partnering for SAM success

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