IBM Audit Defense

IBM has a huge portfolio of products, many of which date back decades

The most common and high value products are usually those which are PVU and RVU based. This makes counting very important when it comes to classification of the correct PVU/RVU per server. If this is done incorrectly the licensing position will be inaccurate.

As with many publishers the impact of virtualization with IBM is huge. This can be both positive and negative. Understanding and leveraging the value behind sub-capacity licensing can produce significant savings for many organizations. However when using either the ILMT (IBM License Metric Tool) or TAD 4 D tool does present additional complexities.

In addition to these common metrics there is also a wealth of complex models employed by IBM, and many of these cannot be optimized using standard SAM tools. Knowing what data you need to collect, performing analysis and reconcilling this with the contractual terms requires deep vendor knowledge and requires a dedicated IBM specialist.

Although it is not an easy task, the opportunity with IBM, if managed correctly can be very fruitful. With a detailed understanding of what software is deployed, your entitlements and the smartest way to allocate and manage your software can often result in a substantial reduction in maintenance costs and exposure to risk. This should be on the top of the agenda for any customer with a substantial investment in IBM.

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✓ Continuous compliance
✓ Cost management through optimization
✓ Better procurement via improved knowledge
✓ Vendor audit defense
✓ Enhanced security protection

“IBM risk mitigation of £3.3M”

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