Software Inventory Data Collection Framework

Livingstone Data Collection Framework for inventory data

Livingstone Launches Data Collection Framework for Easy Software Inventory Data Collection

Reading, UK, 7 February 2018. Livingstone Technologies, an independent Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Service Provider today announced that it has launched the ‘Data Collection Framework‘ (DCF) application. The DCF is a command line application deployed on Livingstone’s SAM Managed Services customers’ environments to help them collect software inventory data from various SAM tools, data sources and systems with greater ease, before uploading it to Livingstone’s proprietary technology LUCE© to process.

The DCF application has been designed to make the process of software inventory data collection as painless as possible for Livingstone’s customers and replaces manual script-based collection methods.

Only data required for processing by LUCE© (Livingstone’s proprietary software recognition, reconciliation and reporting platform) is collected, ensuring compliance with the forthcoming GDPR regulations coming into force in May 2018. This also significantly reduces the volume of data and the time it takes for data collection because only data which has changed is transferred.

Livingstone has already started rolling out the DCF application to its SAM Managed Services customers. Amongst the first to use it in production is a global healthcare provider with over 300,000 assets. Prior to using the framework, database backups were delivered monthly on a physical hard-disk due to the volume of data supplied (multiple terabytes per month). The first run of the DCF reduced the volume of delivered data by 95% and in subsequent months the data delivery was only a fraction of the remaining 5%, as it identified changed records before being transferred into LUCE©.

Graham Denyer, CTO at Livingstone comments, “The benefit of the DCF for our customers is the speed and consistency of software inventory data collection. Targeting multiple systems from a single centralised application, the DCF helps our clients maintain control of their data and provides a single point for audit.”

He continues, “At all times the DCF is run under a customer’s control. The data collected can be reviewed by the customer at any time to ensure that it is being collected as expected, prior to being sent for processing, plus it uses the same secure transfer mechanism already in use by Livingstone for all its customers. Once the operation has been verified to the customer’s satisfaction, the DCF can be scheduled to operate at an agreed interval and requires no manual effort on an ongoing basis.”

The DCF is modular, which means that connectors are created for each source system and new ones can be easily added over time. Currently, the collection framework ships with several modules such as Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft HyperV, VMWare vCentre, amongst others.

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