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Governance that keeps you optimised, compliant,
secure & agile to business change

Robust governance is a cornerstone of effective IT management.  However, if an organisation is to drive improved value from it’s investments and control software and cloud related costs, it must first have access to both trustworthy data and have effective processes and policies in place.

Software and cloud costs naturally increase through routine business change, new user requests and technology advancements, these increases cannot be prevented as they are nett new requirements.  Other increases are a direct result of usage and procurement outside of managed processes, if these costs are to be avoided an organization will need integrated ITAM processes to validate new requirements, as well as other processes and policies for related areas such as contract renewal, asset rationalisation and license reharvesting.



We provide services that allow our clients to put comprehensive IT Governance around their use of software & cloud assets, as well as the management of contracts & renewals.  We ensure that asset investments are technically & operationally optimised throughout their lifecycle, our ITAM and optimization experts are on hand to support clients as they implement best practice methodologies.





Our services are closely aligned to the ISO19770-1:2017 standard as part of our best practice approach, our scalable Target Operating Model (TOM) & management system framework ensures consistently high levels of services are delivered to clients.


Lifecycle Benefits

✓ Alignment of people, process & technology
✓ Unnecessary costs reduced & avoided
✓ Compliancy risks mitigated
✓ Improved vendor management
✓ Procurement & IT aligned
✓ Control over software & cloud renewals
✓ Best practice governance processes & policies


Assessment & Advisory Services


Managed Services


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