Rationalization Assessments

Unlock significant savings through rationalization

Every year organizations spend significant amounts of money on software licensing and cloud services that they could simply avoid. Having a strategy that incorporates regular rationalization reviews can ensure that expenditure is reduced and unnecessary costs are avoided, but more importantly, that any investments made in software licensing and cloud services are being fully utilized and expected returns are achieved.

Our specialists are experts in vendor licensing and cloud services, they deliver a range of engagements that can help your organization understand how costs can be avoided and licensing minimized in operational and technical environments.  Clients will receive a detailed report that documents our findings and makes recommendations for rationalization that is presented to stakeholders by our senior ITAM consultants.

Product Rationalization

Using a combination of data analysis and technical workshops with key stakeholders, we examine specific areas of a client’s estate to establish how technically rationalized their estate is, determining how operational processes and standards can improve cost efficiency and avoidance.  Included in this review…

  • Product portfolio usage & product capabilities
  • Current licensing & cloud allocation management
  • Extent of reuse & harvesting against new purchase requests
  • Metric suitability assessment
  • Licensing policy, standards & usage




Vendor Rationalization

This service follows a rigorous methodology that focuses on defined vendor(s). Our highly experienced vendor experts carry out detailed analysis of your current vendor spend and deployments, as well as carrying out cross vendor application mapping to highlight duplicate functionality. Our service identifies areas for potential cost savings, benchmarking other contractual and commercial cost saving opportunities, such as contract aggregation. Our service includes…

  • Contract & spend analysis
  • Use case profiling
  • Reviews procurement & financial reporting
  • Identification of compliance risk & savings

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