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Realize the full value of your SAM Tool with expert help from Livingstone

At Livingstone, our global team of SAM and licensing experts augment your Software Asset Management program, unlocking the full potential of your chosen SAM, license management or inventory tools by providing a truly effective answer to the risks of overspend, audit and sprawl.

To ensure that you get the most out of your SAM program and platform, Livingstone Tools+ addresses skills and functionality gaps through three distinct services:

SAM Advisory

A good SAM Tool will give you solid information. But for great advice, you need experts.

Livingstone’s best practices experts will work with you to understand your business goals and align the SAM priorities accordingly. We compare your Software Asset Management objectives against existing resources and skills and provide recommendations addressing the gaps.

Our specialists provide ongoing advisory support, reviewing progress towards goals, ensuring the SAM program remains aligned with business priorities and ensuring the SAM platform is being used effectively.

Entitlement Management

Entitlement is the Achilles heel of most SAM programs

Livingstone boasts the world’s largest team of software licensing specialists who know how to capture, manage and reconcile your software entitlements and contracts. Our licensing knowledge ensures that the right licensing parameters are applied to the right applications throughout your environment, something most SAM Tools cannot do automatically.

Even if your tool doesn’t support particular vendor licensing schemes or applying multiple licensing metrics to the same application, we will still create an accurate Effective Licensing Position (ELP) for all your key software publishers.


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Non-Instance Data Management

The difference between Ineffective & Effective License Positions

More software licensing than ever is now reliant on ‘Non-Instance Data’ such as employee headcount, transaction volumes, Client Access Licenses, server cores, etc.

Our experts can help you ensure this vital information is collected and included in your Software Asset Management program, even if your SAM tool doesn’t support it. This ensures that you have a truly reliable ELP.

Through 2020, only 25% of enterprises will be satisfied that their SAM tool purchases align well with pre-purchase expectations of value

Christy Pettey, Gartner

Why you need Livingstone Tools+

Software Asset Management tools are rarely the silver bullet they are marketed to be. Without specialist skills and careful data management, you won’t be able to rely on them when defending against an audit, identifying cost savings opportunities or enforcing governance standards.

But you probably can’t afford (or even find) these skills permanently on-staff.

Our global team has the specialist skills you need to augment and transform your SAM Tool into a truly valuable management platform.

Key Benefits

  • Don’t allow your SAM Tool to become shelfware
  • Provide true protection from audits & overspend
  • Address internal skills gaps
  • Overcome tools shortcomings

Key Features of Livingstone Tools+

Account Management

  • Dedicated customer account manager
  • Monthly / Quarterly reviews

Entitlement Management

  • Entitlement discovery & capture
  • Advice on contracts & use rights
  • Vendor contract consolidation
  • Entitlement upload
  • Entitlement reconciliation

SAM Advisory

  • SAM Best Practices advice & alignment
  • SAM program goals & KPI setting
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Benchmarking for SAM maturity
  • Business case & executive sponsorship support
  • Software publisher prioritization
  • ‘Licensing help desk’ on-demand

Non-Instance Data Management

  • Advice on key non-instance data types
  • Guidance on how to collect non-instance data
  • Population into SAM Tool*
  • Incorporating non-instance data into ELP calculation*

The independent advantage

Livingstone works only for clients and is not a reseller of any third-party SAM platform. We have no interest in selling you licenses or modules you don’t need. We understand the functionality gaps in your SAM tool, and thus what work and information is needed to complete the SAM competencies needed to drive a proper risk-oriented program.

Our experts care only about the success of your SAM program and will stop at nothing to deliver the intelligence you need to identify savings and reduce risk exposure.

Why Livingstone?

Livingstone is trusted by large and complex organizations around the world to reduce their software licensing costs and risks. Our global team of SAM professionals and software licensing experts, backed-up with our own in-house optimization technologies, help internal SAM owners overcome skills gaps and tool shortcomings, delivering reliable and actionable SAM intelligence that drives bottom-line savings.

How can we help?

To request more information about Livingsone’s Software Audit Defense service, or to find out more about the company in general, please contact one of our offices.

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