Microsoft Audit Defense

Is your largest software spend also your greatest risk?

With its large portfolio of on-premises, cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions, managing your Microsoft consumption, compliance and spend is more complex than ever. This can lead to significant compliance and over-spend risks, which can be amplified under the threat of a software audit. Whether you are being audited, facing a True-Up or renewal, or are looking for opportunities to migrate on-premises apps and infrastructure to the cloud, Livingstone can help you optimize:

  • Desktop operating system virtualization
  • Server virtualization
  • SQL licensing
  • Cloud-based models including Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure right-sizing

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Audit vs Cloud Migration

While many software publishers are increasingly using audit-like practices to drive cloud adoption, there is still a very real risk of mismanaging on-premises licensing, especially in areas such as SQL and CALs. Livingstone can both help you identify opportunities to reduce costs and risks by migrating to the cloud as well as advise when it is more cost-effective to keep investments on-premises.


Negotiate from strength

Livingstone’s SAM experts will guide you through the full audit process, ensuring the baseline and effective license positions are accurate, applying the most advantageous licensing rules, leasing with the vendor and ensuring that you get the best deal possible.

Livingstone Anyware for Microsoft

Compliance, optimisation & Migration Planning all in one:

Take control of your Microsoft spend on-premises, in the cloud and in-between

Whether it’s in the form of on-premise software, Office365, Azure infrastructure or Microsoft applications hosted on third-party cloud platforms, you spend a lot of money on Microsoft. To make sure that’s money well-spent and that the organization is not exposed to unacceptable costs and risks, Livingstone Anyware gives you both visibility of your entire Microsoft estate AND recommendations on how to optimize spend.

  • Total visibility of Microsoft spend: on-premises, SaaS and IaaS
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs by moving key apps & workflows to cloud
  • Optimize Office365 subscriptions
  • Right-size Azure instances and monitor for over-spend

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