Software & Cloud Optimization

Achieve best-in-class commercial & contractual terms

We ensure our clients can secure the best investment value from their software & cloud strategic mega vendors. Our unique methodology, experience & independence allows us to off our client’s impartial advise, develop & implement solutions that improve & optimise their software license position from a contractual & commercial perspective.



Our optimization services drive measurable & tangible results for clients, whilst meeting their short & long-term technology requirements. Our consultants are recognised as some of the most experienced & skilled in the world, having provided services to Fortune 500 global clients & government organisations.



Commercial & Contractual Optimization

Many organizations enter mega vendors contract negotiations badly prepared and too late on in the process, only to find that their renewal costs have spiralled. This can often be attributed to heavy discounts on licensing subscriptions and cloud services that were once enjoyed having been removed and new list pricing being applied that has often risen beyond indexed inflation. Compliancy issues, rapidly changing demand for new services and an “all-in” approach leaves many organizations facing significant unplanned expenditure and unfavorable commercial terms.  We work in partnership with key IT stakeholders to help them articulate the overall requirement and harmonize it across all their affiliates or groups, to define an optimized (BoM) Bill of Materials and build the Optimal License Solution.

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Optimization Benefits

✓ Delivering on average 38% mega vendor savings
✓ Commercial & contractual optimization
✓ Effective cost management
✓ Better procurement via improved knowledge
✓ Risks mitigated


Assessment & Advisory Services


Managed Services


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