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Cloud cost management is quickly becoming the single largest commercial risk for IT, procurement and budget holders. Few organizations have robust processes, tools or methodologies for the planning, tracking and control of their cloud consumption costs. The impact of not being in control can be significant, with cloud overage costs tracking many times above the original budgeted amount and stakeholders not having the ability to mitigate this risk easily. Optimizing a cloud portfolio that includes IaaS, PaaS & SaaS requires a clear understanding of each cloud service, how it is charged and the factors that affect cost and value during it’s use. We are here to help.


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To optimize and maintain control effectively requires solid data and refined methodologies, these are critical to fully profile the lifecycle costs and understand what interventions are required to maintain a level of optimization. Livingstone provides this capability within our Cloud Managed Services. Our Cloud Optimization services allows clients to take control of costs across their cloud ecosystem, so they can plan effectively, optimize when required and only pay for what they consume. This ensures they retain financial control of their ecosystem, resulting in lower and more predictable costs.



Our Cloud Services can be procured by Government and other Public Sector bodies through the UK Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS)
G-Cloud 11 Framework, our services are now listed on Lot 2 – Cloud Software and on Lot 3 – Cloud Support services.  Our group is also able to provide services G-Cloudthrough the Digital Outcomes & Specialists 3 framework, for more information please visit our news page or the CCS Digital Market Place.

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Cloud Ecosystem Visibility

Livingstone LUCE Platform

At the core of our services is our LUCE platform which provides our clients with a consolidated management view of IaaS, PaaS & SaaS consumption.  By providing intelligence through aggregated reporting and detailed dashboards, LUCE can provide the information that allows organizations to maximize savings throughout the cloud deployment lifecycle.

  • Cloud portfolio visibility – Access cloud usage data across IaaS, PaaS & SaaS providers
  • Consolidated spend data – Single portal view of cloud provider spend across separate billing regions & entities
  • Accounting breakdowns – Allocate regional costs as required for internal cost cross-charge
  • Sandbox cloud environments – test use cases & spend projections including optimized use of Reserved Instances.


Cloud Reporting


SaaS Optimisation

Unique expertise & intelligence

Livingstone gives clients both visibility of their entire ecosystem and ongoing recommendations on how to optimize their cloud spend. Our global team of Cloud Management experts, help them explore the opportunities and prioritize on the actions that will make the biggest impact or saving for their organization.

  • IaaS – assess workload requirements & optimize consumption models between PAYG & reserved cloud instances. Track on-going consumption to ensure it is aligned to forecasted spend and optimize where necessary. Also optimize licensing costs in the cloud to minimize related spend
  • PaaS – ensure storage costs are optimized & aligned to predicted spend.  Identify preferential cost models for the future requirements
  • SaaS – ensure subscription tiers deliver maximum value & user accounts are cost optimized based on status & usage activity
  • Value Management – value KPI’s that can be used to benchmark cost effectiveness of cloud services & ensure that future contracts contain products that are right-sized for future consumption.

Leaders in our field

Our team of industry experts have negotiated some of the largest and most complex cloud and software vendor contracts globally, for a wide variety of clients including domestic and international enterprises and a wide variety of Public Sector organisations. They have many years experience of working with and for cloud vendors, working to proven methodology to deliver significant client outcomes for their cloud and software estates.





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