Strategic Licensing & Cloud Reviews

Good governance starts with visibility & clarity

Whether you have a major vendor audit due or are experiencing an increase in their regularity, you need to have the right intelligence at your fingertips to be fully prepared. Audits can represent significant business risks, that can result in financial and reputational damage. You first need to understand where your vendor licensing and cloud related risks lie, before you can prioritize your resources for effective remediation.

Our Strategic License Reviews (SLR) have saved our clients many millions of dollars in recent years. An SLR is an executive engagement that identifies where existing potential risks are in your software and cloud estates and review your IT operation by examining your current data quality, people, processes and technology.

An SLR report

Our SLR report contains key elements that should be present in any internal vendor strategy document, including key business requirements, high-level usage & deployment overview, process and product data source requirements.

As well as identifying current risks and prioritizing them in order of potential damage to your business, our SLR report provides a clear action plan for their mitigation. The report also highlights what value can be derived from a focus on optimization.


ITAM Tooling Remediation

The benefits are clear

  • Provides visibility of a defined vendor’s software & cloud consumption verses current product entitlements in existing contracts
  • Identifies high compliance risks & commercial concerns, including gaps & failures in management processes, current tooling & data sources
  • Prioritizes subsequent baseline work, highlighting budget & resource requirements
  • Details areas for potential cost savings & ROI
  • Provides a clear roadmap to ITAM best practice to achieve effective IT governance



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