Sourcing Advisory Services

De-risking IT procurement through sourcing centres of excellence

Our Sourcing Advisory Services allow our client’s procurement and IT organizations to work effectively together, de-risking the procurement of software and cloud services through the establishment of sourcing centres of excellence. We provide guidance and best practices for the purchasing and management of cloud and software contracts.


Integrated Approach

By creating a client sourcing centre of excellence, our team of experts provide sourcing advice and support for Category Managers, Procurement teams and business-wide purchasers of IT, implementing a best practice approach, methodology and sourcing guardrails. Our services cover the following areas…

  • Requirements & demand
  • Contract solutions
  • Marketplaces


Requirements & Demand

Our services help clients better understand how to plan their requirements and assess demand, assumptions and improving accuracy of their Bills of Materials (BoM).

  • Technology use case reviews
  • Usage forecast validation
  • Demand management
  • Trending validation

Contract Solutions

We work with clients to optimize their commercial options, advising them on the context and implications of different contract and billing options, as well as the impact of term concessions.

  • Cloud billing & license metric reviews
  • Contract solution modelling
  • Concessions & contract term assessments
  • Forward governance review


Marketplace Governance

The growth of marketplaces from which cloud services, applications and software licensing can be purchased, necessitates new governance policy and processes.  These effective control measures ensure costs do not escalate.

  • Rules of engagement definition
  • Process reviews
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Pre-buy validations
  • Billing reconciliation

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