Oracle Audit Defense

Most large organizations have made substantial investments in their database platform environment

Typically this represents a major commitment to Oracle, the world’s leading provider of database technology. As with all leading vendors it is no secret that understanding, analyzing and optimizing Oracle licencing models is both complex and challenging. This situation is often further complicated by the impact of mergers, acquisitions and divestments and the implications of implementing new technologies or more modern working practices.

Without a clear understanding and oversight of your entire Oracle estate, users are invariably exposed to escalating costs and unforeseen risks. Based on our extensive experience and deep understanding of the minutiae of Oracle licensing contracts, there are many real-life examples of how we have helped multinational firms to get the most from their Oracle investments.

We can demonstrate how we have helped them to control costs, significantly reduce risk exposure and in addition improve software deployment and usage capabilities. This will enable you to make smarter business decisions when evaluating cloud migration, datacentre consolidation and virtualization strategies.

Livingstone provides clarity on your current Oracle licensing position, and will enable you translate this into value at transaction time.

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✓ Continuous compliance
✓ Cost management through optimization
✓ Better procurement via improved knowledge
✓ Vendor audit defense
✓ Enhanced security protection

“Oracle audit saves £9.25M”

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