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Livingstone is at the center of the growing Software Asset Management ecosystem, working with software publishers, resellers, global systems integrators and independent specialists to drive value to end user customers.

Faced with a significant software renewal or renegotiation, you must make an important decision. Do you let the vendor’s sales rep take charge or do you manage your own destiny and do what’s best for your organization? If you want to negotiate from strength, you need to understand your organization’s current rights, actual software consumption and what licensing options are available to you moving forward.

Software publishers

Livingstone works closely with software publishers including Microsoft and IBM to ensure that your customers are in line with, aware of, and enjoying the benefits of the latest licensing and pricing options. To help your customers optimize their use of your latest software, licensing and subscription models, learn how you can start working more closely with Livingstone’s global team of SAM specialists.

Resellers & Systems Integrators

With the growing demand for Software Asset Management services outstripping the available supply of seasoned SAM expertise, Livingstone partners with resellers and systems integrators to provide your customers with effective software optimization services. Livingstone complements your SAM teams a full portfolio of service options, from automated data cleansing and entitlement entry to full-service SAM.

SAM Tools Vendors

Livingstone allows SAM tools vendors to concentrate on being a technology provider first and foremost by providing the SAM best practice and license optimization expertise your customers need to make SAM tools successful in the real world. From SAM advisory services to entitlement entry and management, Livingstone can be the key to ensuring your SAM tools deliver against customer expectations.

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Atradius Success Story

In one year, we achieved a 47% reduction in unused software with Livingstone

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