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SAM Managed Services

Livingstone's fully-managed SAM programs

Software Audit Defense

Minimize audit disruption & cost with Livingstone

Livingstone Anyware

Plan & optimize your Microsoft hybrid cloud strategy

Livingstone Tools+

Enhance your existing SAM platform with professional SAM services

Livingstone Tools+ for ServiceNow

Accelerate ServiceNow SAM module success

Livingstone Cloud Readiness

Assess your cloud readiness & determine your Azure TCO

eBooks, White Papers & Tools

Global shortage in SAM skills & people

Read our experts' interpretation of the 2019 ITAM Review Salary & Skills survey

Optimizing your Microsoft True-up

Six-steps to success courtesy of our Microsoft licensing gurus

Choosing a SAM Partner eBook

What type of SAM Partner fits your needs?

SAM in the Cloud - 3 Part Guide

What is SAM?
Get Cloud Ready
SAM & the Cloud

SAM Calculator Tool

Calculate the true cost of SAM

A Guide to SMART IT Procurement

SMART IT Procurement starts with accurate SAM intelligence

Building the Business Case for SAM Managed Services

Considering a SAM Managed Service?

Maximising Value from your SAM Partner

Build a partnership that is agile, flexible and innovative

How to Build a Strong IT Asset Data Strategy

Understand, develop & implement an IT asset data strategy

Blueprint workshops

Blueprint for Software Lifecycle Management Transformation

Comprehensive 5 step guide to SLM Transformation

Blueprint for Software Portfolio Management Optimisation

Comprehensive 5 step guide to SPM Optimisation


Livingstone’s live customer portal

Take control of your Microsoft spend on-premises, in the cloud and in-between

Whether it’s in the form of on-premise software, Office365, Azure infrastructure or Microsoft applications hosted on third-party cloud platforms, you spend a lot of money on Microsoft. To make sure that’s money well-spent and that the organization is not exposed to unacceptable costs and risks, Livingstone Anyware gives you both visibility of your entire Microsoft estate AND recommendations on how to optimize spend.

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