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Our portfolio of Professional and Managed Services help organizations around the world manage the increasing complexity and cost of their software and cloud estates.  We put our clients firmly in control of their IT spend and strategic vendors, by aligning the people, processes and technology to match their unique needs.  From strategic support through to delivery of daily operational tasks, our experts will work as an effective part of your Asset Management team or as a fully-managed asset management program.

Our Managed Services are aligned to the ISO19770-1:2017 standard as part of our best practice approach. We start by ensuring our client’s asset investments are commercially and technically optimized, delivering up front savings averaging 38%.  The Trustworthy Data that we provide gives clients visibility of their software and cloud consumption, enabling them to remove unnecessary costs, whilst remaining compliant, optimized and secure.  Our Lifecycle services allow our clients to maintain control, effectively managing their software and cloud contracts and renewals.


Livingstone Managed Services


Our experts ensure clients secure the best commercial outcomes and investment value from their software & cloud mega vendors. Our unique methodology, experience & independence allows us to offer our clients independent and impartial advice, develop & implement solutions that improve & optimize their software & cloud portfolio from a commercial & contractual perspective.



Our Lifecycle services provide effective governance and control over software and cloud assets, helping clients avoid unnecessary costs and by keeping them compliant and secure.  Our best practice methodology is delivered using a proven Target Operating Model & ITAM Management System.

Livingstone Data Management

Trustworthy Data

By delivering Trustworthy Data to clients, we are providing them with the software & cloud intelligence that supports accurate & effective technical and commercial decision making. This intelligence is delivered via a client’s existing ITAM & ITSM tooling investments, augmented with our enterprise ITAM repository & financial reporting platform LUCE.

Why choose Livingstone

Faster to deliver results, cheaper to onboard and more effective at driving cost savings and risk reductions. The benefits of working with Livingstone are many:

Independent Expertise

Specialist software & cloud licensing knowledge and impartial advice from +150 industry experts, with extensive experience of working with and for mega vendors.

Client Engagement

Every client has a dedicated Engagement Manager to ensure services levels are maintained to the highest levels during on-boarding and throughout the service lifecycle.

Best Practice

Aligned to ISO19770-1:2017, our proven processes and methodologies ensure that all data is complete and accurate, and that services are delivered to agreed SLAs.

Technology Platform

Livingstone’s LUCE platform is included in the service and eliminates the need for expensive third-party licensing tools.

On-demand Analytics

Trustworthy data & accurate intelligence reporting is provided live via our LUCE portal, providing key stakeholders across your business with relevant information to help them make informed decisions.

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