Cloud planning, migration & optimisation

Livingstone’s Cloud Services help you plan to move critical software and infrastructure to the cloud, monitor the migration and then optimize consumption and costs in the cloud.

As organizations adopt cloud-based software and infrastructure, so Livingstone has evolved the delivery of Software Asset Management programs to deliver value at every stage of your cloud journey:

  • Optimizing on-premises licensing
  • Identifying key candidates for cloud migration
  • Tracking the move from on-premises to cloud
  • Optimizing visibility and cost of software and infrastructure in the cloud
  • Providing a single view of ‘hybrid cloud’ consumption

The ability to concurrently track resources both on-premises and in the cloud is becoming more important as software vendors increasingly adopt a hybrid cloud model, encouraging customers to consume new products and services in the cloud while continuing to support legacy on-premises applications.

Cloud migration

Cloud ready

  • Software baseline (Effective License Position by vendor)
  • Cost/benefit analysis of on-premise, hybrid and cloud options
  • Cloud readiness and compliance planning for Azure/AWS and server products

Managing cloud software & services

‘As-a-service’ optimization

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) inventory reporting (incl. AWS, Azure)
  • User profiling and optimization for SaaS applications (incl. Office 365, Salesforce)
  • SaaS administration and governance review


Livingstone Anyware for Microsoft

Compliance, optimization & migration planning all in one:

Take control of your Microsoft spend on-premises, in the cloud and in-between

Whether it’s in the form of on-premise software, Office365, Azure infrastructure or Microsoft applications hosted on third-party cloud platforms, you spend a lot of money on Microsoft. To make sure that’s money well-spent and that the organization is not exposed to unacceptable costs and risks, Livingstone Anyware gives you both visibility of your entire Microsoft estate AND recommendations on how to optimize spend.

  • Total visibility of Microsoft spend: on-premises, SaaS and IaaS
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs by moving key apps & workflows to cloud
  • Optimize Office365 subscriptions
  • Right-size Azure instances and monitor for over-spend

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