Livingstone SAM Platform

Luce: The most effective SAM engine you can’t buy

Livingstone Luce is a powerful SAM platform that collects and processes inventory information, manages software entitlements, creates Effective License Positions (ELPs) and provides our customers with an on-demand management reporting portal.

As SAM engines go, we think it’s one of the best. But you can’t buy it.
That’s because, as Livingstone’s in-house SAM platform, Luce is an integral part of every Software Asset Management engagement we undertake: from one-time audit defense projects to multi-year, multi-vendor SAM managed services programs.

Luce allows our team of SAM experts, software licensing gurus and data processing wizards to work seamlessly in partnership with your in-house stakeholders: collecting raw inventory, contract and entitlement information; processing all the data and analyzing the results.

All data and optimization recommendations are made available in Luce’s on-demand live customer portal.

Key features of Livingstone’s SAM platform

Comprehensive inventory data capture

Inventory data is captured from multiple sources and environments to provide full visibility of your hardware, users and software estate:

  • SAM, ITAM, ITSM, CMDB, Anti-virus, software management & deployment tools.
  • Active Directory, network management & infrastructure tools.
  • 3rd party inventory tools: Microsoft SCCM, IBM ILMT, BigFix and Tadx, Azure, AWS, Altiris, Snow, Oracle scripts, etc.
  • Flat file source data (CSV, excel)

Contract & entitlement data granularity

Our in-house developed SAM platform offers unrivalled capabilities for processing, reconciling and supporting complex licensing metrics from hundreds of software publishers.  Our software licensing experts use it to upload contracts, purchase orders, financial records and other data types.

Non-instance data capture

Luce enables our SAM experts to collect and track all inventory and usage information that conventional discovery tools cannot discover automatically:

  • Software installed in a test/development environment, standard or pro software versions.
  • Scripts & commands run on proprietary scanning technologies.
  • Software licensed by non-standard usage metrics (e.g. capacity, revenue, headcount, etc.)

98%+ Software recognition accuracy

Any new inventory and entitlement information coming into Luce is validated by our data team daily and matched against our software catalog (typically 98% of data coming into Luce can be successfully recognized against a catalog of over 200,000 commercial applications).

New software recognition signatures are added daily by our UK and US-based teams, ensuring your data is as complete and reliable as possible.

Software License Allocation & Optimization

In addition to a comprehensive library of software rules, our team of experts ensure that all licenses are correctly allocated including taking into consideration any organizational requirements & key conditions (such as upgrade & downgrade rights) detailed in contracts.

Our teams will always put you in the most advantageous licensing position thanks to the combination of technology and superior licensing knowledge.

Benefits of the Livingstone approach

  • Technology is included – Luce is hosted and managed by Livingstone and is included in the SAM Managed Service so there is no need to purchase any additional specialist tools.
  • Powerful software engine – Luce is one of the most powerful software catalog, recognition and reporting engines created specifically for software and license management. Containing over 200,000 commercial applications, Luce is updated daily and provides 98%+ data accuracy and incorporates non-instance data to generate real Effective License Positions.
  • A single view of data– Our team of data and licensing experts work in collaboration with you to gather relevant inventory and entitlement information and then do the hard work of processing and analyzing it through Luce; so you don’t have to.
  • Actionable SAM analytics – Full transparency of your software estate with comprehensive reporting on cost & license optimization can be viewed easily via Livingstone’s Luce Customer Portal. It provides invaluable SAM information for key IT stakeholders in the business and helps them make informed decisions on software.


Livingstone’s Live Customer Portal

All Livingstone customers have instant on-demand access to the latest data and insight from their Livingstone account team.  It’s like having a SAM tool, only better.  Our experts ensure that what’s presented is much more than raw data, giving you access to analysis and optimization advice 24*7.

See the portal in action