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Robust Software Audit Defense: Guaranteed

Software audits can be unexpected, unwelcome, disruptive and costly. They can also be more common than you might expect.

At Livingstone, our international team of compliance and audit defense experts have helped hundreds of organizations around the world deal effectively and efficiently with audit demands from all kinds of software publishers, from Tier One vendors including Oracle, IBM and SAP to Tier Two software developers such as Micro Focus, BMC, Tibco, VMware and HP.

We are able to do this because we have on-staff licensing specialists for most publishers. Supported by data processors, entitlement managers and negotiation experts, these licensing specialists are the key to turning what can be a painful audit process into an opportunity to get a better deal from the software publisher.

Whether you have an in-house SAM and legal team or not, our specialists can make the different between a multi-million-dollar settlement and a much more attractive outcome. Our Audit Defense services are available as part of an ongoing Managed Services contract or on a project basis.

If you are facing the risk of a software audit, don’t delay. Speak to a Livingstone SAM expert today or learn more about our vendor-specific services.

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Get expert advice from our Audit Defense specialists. Watch our short 20-minute on-demand webinar “The Art of War: How to defend your organization against a software audit”

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