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Negotiate the best on deal on your software license renewal with expert help from Livingstone

Our global team of Software Asset Management (SAM) specialists has helped hundreds of organizations get the best deal for their software license renewal.

Faced with a significant software renewal or renegotiation, you must make an important decision. Do you let the vendor’s sales rep take charge or do you manage your own destiny and do what’s best for your organization? If you want to negotiate from strength, you need to understand your organization’s current rights, actual software consumption and what licensing options are available to you moving forward.

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Livingstone Anyware for Microsoft features at a glance:

Inventory creation

Using your deployed inventory solutions (or providing inventory tools where necessary), we will help you get total visibility of the deployment and consumption of the target vendor’s software. Where software installs are under-used, licenses can be reclaimed and/or redeployed before considering any new investments.

Entitlements gathering and analysis

Before negotiating true-ups, renewals or new contracts, our licensing experts will first help you understand your current contracts, entitlements and Effective Licensing Position (ELP). This is critical to negotiating from a position of strength.

Optimizing existing licenses

Optimizing existing licenses
Prior to buying any new licenses, we will help you optimize what you are already entitled to use. For non-perpetual licenses and subscriptions, Livingstone will analyse current use and provide guidance on options moving forward.

Optimizing your move to the cloud

As part of the license and subscription optimization, our licensing experts will provide counsel on when you should consider moving applications and workflows to the cloud and when they should remain on-premises. Applications and infrastructure can be prioritized for cloud migrations.

Contract negotiation support

Finally, our global team will be on-hand at every stage of the true-up, renewal or negotiation process, providing you with expert licensing guidance and ensuring you make the right decisions for your organization’s needs.


  • Data collection
  • Non instance collection and application
  • Intelligent licensing allocation
  • Entitlement review and analysis
  • On-premise optimization
  • Datacenter-focused optimization
  • To-cloud optimization
  • In-cloud optimization
  • ELP creation
  • ELP optimization


  • Optimization recommendations to support significant cost savings
  • Negotiate on the best possible software counts
  • Understand your target vendors business drivers and motivations
  • Use the cloud as leverage to get the best possible deal
  • Maximize the value of your investment
If you want to negotiate from strength, you need to understand your organization’s current rights, actual software consumption and what licensing options are available to you moving forward.

The independent advantage

One of the key benefits of working with Livingstone Anyware is that it provides a completely bias-free independent set of recommendations. We have no interest in you taking more licenses than you need or one type of license over another. All we care about is getting you the best deal for your software and infrastructure consumption!

Why Livingstone?

Organizations around the world trust Livingstone to reduce their software licensing costs and risks. We save organizations tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary costs every year. Livingstone Anyware for Microsoft extends our award-winning SAM services into the cloud, combining a single view of all Microsoft software and infrastructure consumption with expert advice on optimizing both licensing and IaaS costs.

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