Two Tier Audit Defense

As legacy applications grow old and development slows, more Tier Two software publishers are aggressively auditing their existing customer base to replace missing new license revenues.

Livingstone takes away the pain, disruption and much of the cost associated with software vendor audits. Our services enable the effective management of software licensing across legacy software vendors including Tibco, VMware, Micro Focus and Quest to name a few. Through our unique understanding of all contractual terms, what data needs to be collected and the best ways to do this, we add significant value even when dealing with regionally-based firms and the smaller software vendors.

Livingstone’s unique team of SAM experts and licensing specialists provide the best practices and licensing knowledge that few internal SAM teams (and no SAM tools) enjoy.  Our experts are available both on-demand and via on a continuous managed service, providing audit protection when you need it.

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✓ Continuous compliance
✓ Cost management through optimization
✓ Better procurement via improved knowledge
✓ Vendor audit defense
✓ Enhanced security protection

“£2M+ savings in year one”

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Audit Defense Options

Fully-Managed SAM Service

Livingstone SAM Managed Services customers can opt to include audit defense services for in-scope software publishers as part of their services agreement.  This includes the creation of baseline, effective licensing position and expert advice on how to minimize compliance risks as well as optimize legitimate costs.

Annual Audit Defense Policy

For a fixed-price annualized fee, Livingstone’s team of SAM experts are on standby to defend your organization against audits from either a pre-defined set of software publishers or a set number of audits over a 12-36 month period.

On-Demand Audit Defense

If you receive an audit demand from a software publisher and need immediate help, our SAM team can react quickly and manage the entire audit process on your behalf, reducing the stress, disruption and cost of responding to the software publisher’s demands.

How can we help?

To request more information about Livingsone’s Software Audit Defense service, or to find out more about the company in general, please contact one of our offices.

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