Livingstone Success Story

IBM Success Story

Service Highlights

  • The auditor was reporting incorrectly the license requirement on full capacity for Informix, PVU-based, on a set of installs on HP Superdome servers.
  • Their calculations ignored the fact that those servers can be hard-partitioned and so they assigned license requirement for the whole server, rather than only for the partition where Informix was installed.
  • Livingstone researched IBM documentation and found statements that the particular partitioning method in HP Superdome servers (nPartition) was to be considered “hard partition and not a virtualized environment”.
  • The license requirement for the Informix installations under full-capacity had to be calculated at a partition level, not at a server level.

Major Wins

  • IBM agreed that Livingstone approach was correct – this reduced the license requirement around 20%
  • This not only mitigated the £3.3m risk but also gave the customer the option to drop support completely.

Risk mitigation of £3.3m

Next Steps

  • The customer is discussing the option to drop the support completely for the product, saving themselves £480K a year.

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