Livingstone Success Story

Telecoms Company – 145K assets

Service Highlights

SAM Managed Service

  • Focus on Tier 1 vendors in year 1.
  • Integration of acquisition estate.
  • Improvements in processes around renewals and software lifecycle.

Major Wins

  • Year 1: £2M+ in hard cost savings (Budget vs Actual) across Microsoft True-up, IBM ELA renewal, Abinitio, and Micro Focus.
  • Audits successfully defended against Opentext, Tibco, Attachmate and IBM.

£2M+ Saving in Year 1

Continuous Improvement:

  • Continuous onboarding of additional vendors.
  • Adoption of cloud-based and subscription-based applications.
  • Consolidation of contracts between acquired entity.
  • Identification of cross-business unit opportunity.
  • Integration of Livingstone data into upstream systems.
  • Staff training on SAM best practice.

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Whether it’s in the form of on-premise software, Office365, Azure infrastructure or Microsoft applications hosted on third-party cloud platforms, you spend a lot of money on Microsoft. To make sure that’s money well-spent and that the organization is not exposed to unacceptable costs and risks, Luce gives you both visibility of your entire Microsoft estate AND recommendations on how to optimize spend.

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