Why Livingstone

A better way to manage software & licenses

Engaging with Livingstone is the intelligent and cost-effective way to overcome the global shortage in SAM skills and the failings of expensive SAM tools.

$16.5 million

Biggest single cost saving for an individual customer

If we managed to deliver $16.5 million in savings for just one individual customer last year, what can cost savings can Livingstone deliver for you?

$41 million

Total saving across customers in last 12 months

In the last 12 months, Livingstone has saved its global customer base over $41 million in audit and true-up fees.

$77.3 million

Risk mitigated for customers in last 12 months

Through a proactive approach to SAM, Livingstone has reduced the financial risk of its global customer base by more than $77 million in the last 12 months alone.

$147.2 million

Total risk identified across customers in last 12 months

Livingstone has helped customers identify more than $147 million in risk associated with software licensing.

Livingstone brings a unique approach to Software Asset Management that is designed to both capitalize on the skills and tools you already have, while at the same time solving your SAM process, people and technology gaps.

Livingstone’s global team combines data processing and licensing know-how with in-house developed technologies to deliver a broad range of benefits to a wide group of stakeholders across your organization: from tangible cost and risk savings to pinpointing optimization opportunities and planning for cloud migrations.

Livingstone customers have often already discovered that a ‘tools-only’ approach to Software Asset Management does not work. Even complex multinational organizations lack the multi-vendor licensing expertise to comprehensively self-manage costs and compliance, leaving the organization exposed to overspend.

This is where Livingstone’s SAM experts, combined with our license optimization technologies, make the difference.

Through 2020, only 25% of enterprises will be satisfied that their SAM tool purchases align well with pre-purchase expectations of value

The independent advantage

Livingstone works only for clients and is not a reseller of any third-party SAM platform. We have no interest in selling you licenses or modules you don’t need. We understand the functionality gaps in your SAM tool, and thus what work and information is needed to complete the SAM competencies needed to drive a proper risk-oriented program.

Our experts care only about the success of your SAM program and will stop at nothing to deliver the intelligence you need to identify savings and reduce risk exposure.

Why Livingstone?

Livingstone is trusted by large and complex organizations around the world to reduce their software licensing costs and risks. Our global team of SAM professionals and software licensing experts, backed-up with our own in-house optimization technologies, help internal SAM owners overcome skills gaps and tool shortcomings, delivering reliable and actionable SAM intelligence that drives bottom-line savings.

How can we help?

To request more information about Livingsone’s Software Audit Defense service, or to find out more about the company in general, please contact one of our offices.

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